Caring for our environment and respecting the space around us provides children with the opportunity to conserve and create on the earth's natural canvas. It encourages children to explore and enjoy the natural world while learning about growth and transformation through conservation and creation.




Eco-Family Cloth Diaper discount

Cloth Diapers are not only supported, but we encourage it. We also support families that have lifestyles that utilize disposable diapers also, but for families who cloth diaper, it can be very challenging to find a school for their children that support or even allow it. We follow all state guidelines for cloth diaper use to keep our space sanitary and clean. It also produces less garbage waste output for our school! 

Eco-family (cloth user) means a family that uses all cloth materials for diapering needs from infancy to potty independent and is therefore eligible for our Eco-Family rates. Once a child is underwear and using the toilet independently, a family graduates from the program. 

Doing our best to help the earth

  • Creating an environment and space with a general awareness and respect for our earth and how our choices impact the world we live in
  • Volunteering and being active members within our community to help those in need
  • Recycling and Reusing to give new life to objects that might otherwise have been destined for waste
  • Using eco-friendly building materials within our space (Low-VOC paint, bamboo flooring, eco-friendly wooden materials, minimal plastics, battery free materials etc)
  • Encouraging cloth diapering to reduce the impact on our landfills
  • Finding materials that are leftovers from local businesses and factories to use in our creations and art work