intero spazio, "whole space": our inside environment

Our rooms are a place where your child will grow, explore, and build strong relationships with peers and their caregivers. For this reason, your child will be with the same caregiver and peers while learning and exploring at Natural Learning Community Children's School for their first 3 years prior to prima scuola,  simply graduating each school year to a new space. This "looping" allows your child (and your family) to continue to strengthen the relationship with their caregiver and rather than build new relationships with a new space as well as new caregivers and possibly new peers at the start of each year.

Programs and spaces:  

  • piccolo nido- "little nest" a cozy space for infants who are not yet mobile to explore with their senses (6 wks-6 mths)
  • il nido- "nido" means nest in Italian, a cozy place for infants to explore (6 months-1 year)
  • bambini piccolo- young toddler (first year)
  • bambini grandi- older toddler (second year)
  • prima scuola- preschool (third year)
  • K-prep- Kindergarten Preparation (fourth year) The older children of prima scuola. K-prep gets the children ready for the transition to kindergarten doing things such as a deeper exploration of literacy, phonetics, dramatic play, etc
  • la piazza or "square"- this space encourages community and provides opportunities for children and their families to come together. Being that we have such a small space, we created the common area within the main entrance to bring unity and community within NLCCS
  • atelier "workshop" or art studio-this is a space in which we can explore materials through our senses through artistic expression, fine motor manipulation, visual interactions with light, and the sensation of sound. 
  • light studio- a room where all kinds of light exploration is possible using various lighting such as natural, blacklight, strands of light, the projector, disco ball, mirrors, and anything the children can interact with


Our official 'school year' runs from September-August, with the last week of August dedicated to rotate our classrooms and ready our space for the coming room transition.  Children are assigned to classrooms based on their age at the beginning of the school year.  Your child will be places based upon his or her age as of September 1st.  However, class placement decisions can vary based on the best interests of the individual child and the school. We are a year round program but offer two sessions: the school year and our summer exploration program.