Enrollment forms

Below are the required forms for NLCCS enrollment. The forms must be fully complete prior to your child's first day. They must be updated annually or if any changes are made. Thank you!

In order to secure a space for your child at NLCCS, please submit all complete paperwork, first month's tuition, and application fee.

nlccs enrollment packet

NLCCS Enrollment Form

NLCCS Acceptance Form

NLCCS Photo Release 

NLCCS Transportation and Outing Form

NLCCS Authorization to Release

Pediatrician Health and Immunization Form

Medical Forms for topical/prescription/allergies

Topical Medication Form (print this form and send it to school with any need creams, ointments, teething gels, etc)

Prescription Medication Form (signed by pedi)  (only if your child is taking prescription/OTC medications)

Allergy Protocol Form (ONLY If your child has allergies notes on physical form)

Parent Resource Forms